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EAB North America is a success story!

Kampanj Maxipacker North America 700X467

EAB's launch on the North American market can only be described as a 'success story'. The company, EAB North America, was founded in October 2014. The Radioshuttle System was launched at PRO Mat in March 2015 (North America's leading trade fair for materials handling and logistics). Since then we've established and trained a network of distributors and after sales service providers and we've already sold storage racks and Radioshuttle machines for 60,000 pallet spaces.

Peter McCarthy, CEO of EAB North America
"Our business has had a fantastic start in this continent. Those in the industry say it's one of the fastest growing product launches in the field of materials handling that's ever been made in this market. We've identified a requirement for streamlining and adding efficiency and we've been able to deliver not only a product, but an entire approach which is perfectly suited to this type of warehouse, which is growing increbly fast in the US and Canadian markets. We currently deliver to all temperature zones for dry, chilled and frozen products."

Right partners with broad network of distributors
"If we are to be successful, it's not enough just to sell a system. The North American market is huge, so we must have the right partners and the right distributors who can serve the customer from initial contact to delivery, installation and after sales service. In parallel with the sale of the system itself, we have therefore trained and built up a network that can handle the entire chain. Customers must feel confident at all levels, wherever they are based. This is crucial because EAB must always be associated with quality."

50 km of pallet spaces
"So far we've received orders for 60,000 pallet spaces. If we were to place these in a row, just to see the amounts involved, they would correspond to 50 km of pallets. And this is just the beginning. Deliveries from EAB in Sweden have gone very smoothly."

Still growing
"During the course of 2016 we will install our system in all four US regions: Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and West. We will also continue to grow in Canada, both through new projects and through continuous updating of existing installations. We are also expanding our organisation, with more employees in technology and project management. In other words, EAB North America's journey has only just begun!"

Kampanj Utlast North America 700X467

The Radioshuttle System is manufactured by EAB in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, and transported from there to North America. You can see here how our EAB team packs a container destined for "over there".

Kampanj Peter Blake North America 700X467

Blake Dawson, Director, Design and Project Management, and Peter McCarthy, CEO, at EAB North America.

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